Why Phone Sessions?

All sessions are conducted by phone as I have discovered through the years they have the same wonderful healing benefits as in person therapy, with added advantages. They not only save you time and money in travel but they also allow for ultimate privacy. Another great advantage to phone sessions is the ability to Work With Me, no matter where you live. 😀

Everything is and holds energy which is why Therapy by Phone also provides a healing of your surroundings. As you are learning, receiving and embracing change within your own environment, this helps to clear and cleanse any negative energy within your home, bringing forth a sense of ease, comfort and balance there. This is, in and of itself, extremely powerful and beneficial to the healing process.

Therapy and Guidance within your own environment also eliminates any possibility of the “feel good” while in the therapist’s office but “once I get home I begin to feel out of sorts again” syndrome as well.

I have had wonderful success with phone sessions and many of my clients say they actually prefer to come to therapy in the comfort of their own home. Consider this, if you’d like, you can even come to your therapy sessions in your pj’s and slippers!

I hope that this has given you some much needed information to not only put your mind at ease but also provide some comfort in knowing what you can expect as you and I venture into your healing journey together.

Keep in mind that during your free consultation, we will not only discuss these healing systems but you will have an opportunity to ask questions in order to better understand which direction might be the best way for you to go. Some start with one technique in particular and then end up exploring all the healing benefits and qualities over time by experiencing a beautiful blended version. Whatever direction you choose, I want you to know that I am honored to be there with you and my promise is to provide you with the utmost respect and quality of guidance.