Although the end result may be the same, there are actually different styles and approaches to the healing state of Hypnotherapy. The style or method I employ is an interactive form, which is extremely gentle, yet very powerful and non-intrusive. In fact, I don’t even need to know exactly what’s going on in order to guide you through the healing process and better yet, neither do you!

I personally love and highly recommend this interactive style of Hypnotherapy for self discovery, personal growth and transformational healing on all levels: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual, as it allows you to gain insight and all the qualities necessary for a successful and positive existence. As the inner realizations [your stories and the truth behind them] begin to come forth and the self-recognition [the honesty of you, what beliefs belong to you] takes priority, a true sense of peacefulness presents itself. As we quiet the mind enabling you to recognize and determine your, true, desired path and direction in life comfortably, you are able to continue your journey, uncovering and eventually appreciating and honoring your lessons. This too allows you to learn them as quickly as possible.

Although Hypnotherapy is a wonderful tool for eliminating many of life’s traumas and emotional baggage, it is an exceptional tool for creating a ‘Whole’ person and allow one to ‘See’ again as you gain balance and create a relationship, as well as a belief in your self.

~ So, what will I experience?

First you are in complete control at all times. I am acting only as your Guide in therapy to help you relax and enter these altered states of mind in order to uncover the hidden answers that lie within you. This gives you the much needed opportunity to ‘get out of your own way’ so that you can Heal … Balance … Grow!

There are times when you may feel a comforting heaviness, as if a blanket of peace were covering you; or you may feel very light, as if you were floating. Many have experienced the feeling of being completely unaware of their physical body altogether. Your breathing and heart rate slow down. Your eyes may get slightly teary and your eyelids may flutter. You may hear the sounds and voices around you or you may go into a quiet place all your own. You may see blackness, colors or light. The depth of your relaxation may vary from a deep, profound state to a very light state. The results of which are all the same.

This healing and guidance will bring inner realization, peace and clarity of mind. These eye opening transitions will continue throughout and beyond your program sessions as your desired life changes accumulate and transpire.

I hope that this has given you some much needed information to not only put your mind at ease but also provide some comfort in knowing what you can expect as you and I venture into your healing journey together.

Keep in mind that during your free consultation, we will not only discuss these healing systems but you will have an opportunity to ask questions in order to better understand which direction might be the best way for you to go. Some start with one technique in particular and then end up exploring all the healing benefits and qualities over time by experiencing a beautiful blended version. Whatever direction you choose, I want you to know that I am honored to be there with you and my promise is to provide you with the utmost respect and quality of guidance.