How To Do EFT

‘Emotional Freedom Technique’

Keep in mind that you may wish to begin your EFT Journey with the help of a professional so that you can at least somewhat master the technique, therefore being able to take full advantage of all that it has to offer in the way of releasing and healing your issues to be addressed. However, this is a brief explanation for you to begin and/or help you continue your healing process after our sessions have begun.

The Basic EFT Set-Up & Phrasing

Once you’ve discovered the issue that you’d like to find resolution for, take notice where it lands on a scale of 0-10 with 10 being the highest point of discomfort and 0 representing no negative emotional feeling or disruption whatsoever about the issue.

While tapping on the ‘Karate Chop Point’ which is located on the outer, fatty portion of your hand, you will begin by stating your issue to be addressed. For example:
‘Even though I have this huge fear of heights … I deeply and completely accept myself.’
Repeat this statement 3 times while continuing to tap.

After the Set Up has been presented, you will then follow the sequence of individual release-points, located in the diagram shown here. You will tap somewhere between 7-9 times at each point while also stating a key element of your Set Up Phrase. This will help guide the energy shift and transition within.

Individual ‘Release Points’ Used in EFT Sessions

The Top of Head [TH] shown in purple is an added release point which may or may not be used during your sequence. The ‘Sore Spot’ shown by the purple dot on the chest area is sometimes used in place of the ‘Karate Chop Point’ during the Set-Up Phrasing.

The sequence of Release Points flowing down the body, shown here as a Red Dot are ~
Inside of Eye [IE]
Outside of Eye [OE]
Under Eye [UE]
Under Nose [UN]
Dent Between Lower Lip & Chin [Chin]
Collarbone [CB]
Under Arm Approximately 4″ from the Arm Pit [UA]
Ribcage [RC]

There are Release Points on the hands and wrist but this Basic Recipe will most definitely get you started and allow for changes to occur. For further instruction and guidance, I would be happy to help guide you.


NOTE: It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with these EFT Diagrams prior to your sessions in order to save valuable time when discussing the application of this technique. Although I will be guiding you through the process and therapy every step of the way, I will also be teaching you how to self-apply for continued success in eliminating new issues and challenges in life as they appear or present themselves when not in therapy.