Hello & Welcome

After much time, creative contemplation and even arguments with my Self, oh and not to mention the days when pieces of life got in the way, the finishing touches of my new website have been applied and I’m here today, live with you. I want to extend a huge thank you to my amazing technical support and web designer David Ambrose, without him this may have never been accomplished. Thank you so much David and thank YOU for stopping by for a visit.

Please take your time, in fact why not grab a cup of coffee or your favorite drink and relax a while as you roam through the site and discover what is here for you.

I will be sure to add articles which many times will include self-healing instruction and tips on a regular basis so keep coming back to see what’s new. Invite your loved ones and please share my site so that I can reach those that are looking for the gifts I have to offer. Here’s to a beautiful day. In Truth & Love, Kathleen

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