Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Whether together we have determined that Emotional Freedom Technique ‘EFT’ also referred to as ‘Tapping’ or ‘Energy Psychology’ is the therapy best suited for your needs or, you have elected EFT as your healing therapy, you can look forward to a very eye-opening and rapid response to your issues and challenges. The method itself is very easy to apply. The results amazing and many times EFT works when nothing else does!

I find that EFT is the perfect therapy for those who absolutely wish to take total responsibility for their healing efforts as I not only Guide you through the process but also Teach you how to apply the technique yourself. This of course allows for continued healing of various issues and challenges throughout your life at your fingertips.

If however you wish for the continued guidance and support of my expertise and skill in the healing arts throughout your healing process and beyond, I will gladly continue to be your guide in therapy and completely respect and honor your decision for such guidance.

~ So What is EFT and How Does It Work?

EFT has been referred to as an emotional form of acupuncture. The only difference being, we do not use needles. Instead we use our fingertips to stimulate specific meridian energy points, while also being ‘tuned in’ to the problem or issue that is causing the pain, discomfort or imbalance in our life.

While being ‘tuned in’ to the problem or immediate emotional sensation, you will be guided to gently tap on these energy release points as you verbalize key elements of the issue. The combination of ‘tuning in’ while tapping and verbalizing actually diffuses the negative charge of the emotion being experienced.

As we uncover and eliminate the root causes, as well as any aspects or superficial issues surrounding your core issue or challenge, you are able to quickly and successfully self-heal.

How to do EFT  – ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’

I hope that this has given you some much needed information to not only put your mind at ease but also provide some comfort in knowing what you can expect as you and I venture into your healing journey together.

Keep in mind that during your free consultation, we will not only discuss these healing systems but you will have an opportunity to ask questions in order to better understand which direction might be the best way for you to go. Some start with one technique in particular and then end up exploring all the healing benefits and qualities over time by experiencing a beautiful blended version. Whatever direction you choose, I want you to know that I am honored to be there with you and my promise is to provide you with the utmost respect and quality of guidance.